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Problems in life can be symptoms of deeper rooted issues. Thus managing just the symptoms can be inefficient in the long run.

The root cause of any issue often nests in the irrational and erroneous beliefs about ourselves and the world.  My job is to help you identify it and replace it with something that works FOR you and not AGAINST you.

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What I have to Offer

The most efficient method of helping people that focuses on dealing with the Root Cause of the problem(s)

Our process

What gives my clients the edge is the method I use to guide them through their journey. It includes:

Trance & REM
Memory, Imagination & Visualisation

Clients Cases

I helped my clients through numerous situations related to health, emotions, fears, goals, dramatic events in their lives and trauma.

Below is the list of the most common requests they formulated:


Most frequent questions and answers

When you book a clarity call you simply choose the most comfortable date and time to have a short 15-30 minute video call with me. Take your time to ask your questions, describe your case and hear what I can offer. You don’t need any payment details to get going.

My competency remains the same client to client. What varies is the client’s motivation and willingness to change. The best you can do for the success of the session is to come with your mind firmly set to change.

Which one would you expect to get better results: a person who just gives it a try like “let’s see what shows up here” or the one “I’m done seeing same ol’ same ol’! This is my last call, I’ll make the best of this shot”?

Every single person has their own pace of change. Even the pattern of change is unique. Some feel changes during or right after the first session, and others need more time. 

What we do is we discuss all the changes you would like to see, and track the progress at every session. Small short-term changes usually happen right away, and when we have discovered and eliminated the reason of your condition, the changes become permanent and stay with you.

Since the transformation process started during the session continues outside the time bracket – my clients will receive unlimited priority support from me via messaging platforms or call. This is what makes the difference – you are never alone on your transformation journey. Whatever happens – ping me and that’s it!  

We’ll agree on the desired result in advance, and we’ll break it down into smaller chunks, so it’s easier for you to track the progress.

Think of it as of ordering a custom piece of jewelry: we’ll agree on the design and metal in advance, then pick the right gems and cuts, and then we’ll polish and finish the piece, so in the end you get exactly what you wanted.

It’s unlikely. We’ll sort and remove the root cause for your condition. If your case appears to be particularly complicated we might need one or two extra sessions, but we will find the root cause and eliminate it. And when the root cause is gone, the symptoms don’t not have a reason to persist. 

Plus, at every session we will be tracking your progress and course correct if needed. So you will not only see and feel your changes but will have a chance to manage them, as well.

No sane helping professional will ever offer you a guarantee. If someone does, 2 options are possible. It’s either a scam, or there is a small font disclaimer somewhere denying the guarantee. Either way I would warn you against such “pros”.
There is a human factor in every field of helping profession. No doctor will ever guarantee that a surgery will be a success. No teacher will ever guarantee that you will learn the skill. No lawyer will ever guarantee a positive case resolution in court.
What I CAN guarantee is the absolute best service, in line with the latest proven developments in the methods, and usage of top-notch techniques matching your condition and personality.

I don’t return the money for the services rendered. Why?

Think of it this way. Does a surgeon return you the fee for the surgery if it didn’t go as planned? Does a school offer you a “money-back guarantee” if your child didn’t learn the skill or didn’t improve their grades?

Helping professionals deal with a human factor, and that human factor is a client. I can do everything possible, but I can’t MAKE you change. Only you can.

In any helping profession you pay for the specialist time, and work together in collaboration to get the results you want.​

So when you keep in mind there’s no “money-back guarantee​”​ it gives you an extra stimulant for your motivation to get the result, and you will put in lots of precise effort, rather than just ‘dropping by’ a specialist.

It’s very hard to tell, not knowing your friend or their case or the details of the approach used.

It might have been just symptom management, rather than working with the root cause. When the focus is just on the symptom, the condition doesn’t go away entirely and may pop-up, especially under stress. I highly recommend your friend to look for a specialist who can work with the root cause of the issue.

I offer a powerful experience that has a deep therapeutic impact. We will be working with your emotions and underlying beliefs, identifying old, useless, negative, false beliefs and replacing them with the new and positive ones, serving you well.

It’s a powerful transformational work that rises you “above-the-fray”. We achieve it through a distinct approach to communication, PSY2.0 is a technology that lies behind the method. We rely on communication which is much more than just mere conversation or “idle talk”, creating true connection and this is where magic starts to happen.

Can breathing do any harm? These states are natural for any human being. They happen as needed and it’s only up to you whether to use their power to live an extraordinary life or to let them come and go unnoticed. The safety mechanism is integrated within your body, it won’t let you breathe, trance or use REM more than it’s currently sound and sane for your system.

In skilful hands of a sophisticated professional you’ll learn activating these states and keep this intrinsic skill ever after. It’s a powerful tool that when used correctly, only does good.
Choose a professional with vast experience, sound professional education and strong ethics — such professional will know how to get the results a client wants in the safest and most efficient way.

The states of trance and REM alter the brain waves and bio-chemistry of the brain, and for patients with mental illnesses that might trigger a relapse.

We still have to see scientific research to clarify that field for us, and maybe one day there will be a way to use states of trance and REM to help with mental illnesses, too.

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From philosophers like John Demartini and Ken Wilber, to transformational teachers Buddhas and Jesus, I utilise the wisdom of humanity’s greatest minds to elevate every area of your life.


Ana is fantastic in finding exactly those old patterns and blocks of mine that kept me in the downward spiral. I'm done with them now for good.
“It will change your life.”
What my doctor can neither ignore nor explain is major shifts for the better that are clearly seen in the ultrasound scans. I'm feeling great and the discomfort is gone.
“I can, I will go back to sports!”
Loraley Ash
I was looking for a blithe therapist using provocative therapy by Frank Farrelly and I was blessed to find one. Ana is a bliss for an often depressed person like me.
“100%, love, love, LOVE IT!!!”

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